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May 2022
Next meeting : Timisoara (Romania)

October 2021
Network meeting : Caen (France)
→ Visit of the French Minister for Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, and suggestion of a benchmark on 'Sport, Physical Activity and Sustainable development Goals in Childhood' - presented by EN3S at the UNESCO Conference in Paris, February 2022

May 2021
Online network meeting : Caen (France)

November 2020
Online network meeting : Timisoara (Romania)

May 2020
Online network meeting : Timisoara (Romania)

May 2019
Network meeting : Murcia (Spain)

May 2018
Network meeting : Gloucestershire (UK)

May 2017
Network meeting : Strasbourg (France)

May 2016
Network meeting : Urbino (Italy)

May 2015
Network meeting : Constanta (Romania)

May 2014
Network meeting : Caen (France)

May 2013
Network meeting : Murcia (Spain)

From September 2012 onwards
→ Joint research : a EU project on the employability of Sport Sciences graduates application for funding from Brussels

May 2012
Network meeting : Gloucestershire (England)

May 2011
Network meeting : Nancy (France)

May 2010
Network meeting : Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)

From May 2009
Joint Research: EU Project on Health-Related Physical Activity or how to enhance health through physical activity, a project undertaken by some of the partners universities, i.e. Gloucester, Gottingen, Vitoria, and Las Palmas, plus Brasov (Romania) and Dublin (Ireland)

May 2009
Network meeting in Urbino (Italy)